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Payton's breath caught in her throat. Reina couldn't have said anything more perfect.

"Reina, I love you so much. Sometimes at night I roll over in my sleep and reach for you and you're not there. I miss that more than anything. I love sleeping with you and rolling over and slipping my arms around you, nuzzling the back of your neck, and feeling you snuggle back up against me."

"Payton." Reina breathed into the telephone. "I love you and I can't wait to see you again."

"You'd better get some sleep, honey, it's 12 страница getting late."

"You too, sweetie."


"Love you."

Payton didn't fall asleep right away, while thoughts of Reina naked in bed kept her awake for several more hours. Never had Payton felt like this, and she loved how she felt.

Reina was having similar thoughts, as she lay awake, restless, and frustrated. One thing though, that made her frustration a little more manageable. She would be seeing Payton by Friday evening and would stay until Sunday night. She'd made all the arrangements after speaking to Mitch earlier. Just before Payton called she'd confirmed her flight 12 страница and arrival time with him. Mitch knew Payton was planning to be home Friday night because she was coming over to their place for dinner. He couldn't wait to see her face when she saw Reina.

The next afternoon as Payton slid into the front seat of her car, she was amazed that, for as long as she worked at the same company, she was actually leaving it. They had surprised her with a small party, inviting many of the people she'd worked with over the years. Her co-workers had planned it for the end of the day 12 страница just before she packed up her personal belongings to leave. Years of work and it was over just like that. She made the drive home in silence, the traffic uncharacteristically light for a Friday night. She planned to head home, change her clothes, and be at Mitch's and Ben's by six-thirty.

Payton changed into a pair of old jeans and a comfortable sweater, combed her hair, headed down the hall to the elevator, and down two floors to the condominium. She carried a bottle of their favorite wine to contribute to the meal. She 12 страница knocked on their door and Ben opened it.

"Hey gorgeous, come on in."

"Here's some wine for dinner." She kissed him hello.

"Thanks, honey. Why don't you go in the living room and I'll go pour you a glass?"

"Thanks, Ben."

Payton walked into the other room, enjoying the stunning view of the Seattle skyline. They had a perfect picture window that looked out over the city.


Payton's heart pounded and she turned rapidly toward the voice. It couldn't be Reina, but it was. "Reina!"

It was all Payton got out of her mouth as 12 страница Reina threw herself into Payton's arms. Payton held on tightly to her, unwilling to release her for even a moment. Reina covered Payton's face with kisses.

"I've missed you so much. I had to see you," Reina whispered.

"I am so glad you're here." Payton's mouth covered Reina's, two weeks of pent up frustration released. Reina moaned as Payton's lips ravaged hers. Reina responded, her tongue stroking Payton's lips driving her nuts. It was several minutes before the two of them realized they were standing in the middle of Ben 12 страница and Mitch's living room. Payton refused to release Reina from her arms as she looked for Ben and Mitch.

"Guys, where are you?" She called.

"We're in the bedroom," Mitch called from down the hall.

"You can come out." Payton's smile was huge as she hugged Reina to her. "Nice surprise, guys."

"We thought you would appreciate it." Ben grinned as he and Mitch joined them.

"I can't tell you how much I appreciate what you've done." Pay-ton's eyes filled with tears.

"We didn't do anything, it was all Reina. Now, there 12 страница's a picnic basket on the kitchen counter for the two of you to take with you, and Reina's suitcase is by the front door. Go home, Payton and Reina," Ben demanded with a smile.

"Thank you, Ben, Mitch." Reina happily followed their advice. "Come on Payton."

Payton grinned at the two men and followed Reina. She picked up the picnic basket while Reina carried her suitcase. They stared happily at each other as they entered the elevator. Payton leaned over and kissed Reina as soon as the doors closed. They broke apart when the elevator 12 страница opened on Payton's floor. She led the way to her condominium and unlocked the door, letting Reina enter. She'd just closed the door when Reina pulled her into her arms again.

"I can't tell you how much I missed you," Reina whispered as she gazed at Payton's face, touching her cheek with her fingers. "I love you so much."

"I have been going crazy not being able to see you, to touch you."

"I'm here now, and I don't need to fly back until Sunday night. Mrs. Lenahan is staying with Max and Molly, and you 12 страница are all mine."

"I can't believe you're here." Payton's hands slid down Reina's back, reassuring her that Reina was actually standing in front of her.

"I think I can convince you," Reina promised, kissing Payton and releasing all of her pent up emotion. Payton moaned as Reina's hands stripped her of her sweater. "I need to love you."

Payton melted against Reina and succumbed to the wonderful sensations that Reina was creating in her body. Reina removed all of Payton's remaining clothes, her hands and mouth covering every inch of Payton's 12 страница body. Reina described her feelings as she made passionate love to Payton until Payton was shaking with want. Reina kneeled in front of Payton, her lips touching her softly between her legs. Payton cried out as Reina's mouth pleasured her. Her fingers joined her mouth, stroking Payton's wet and trembling center.

"I love the taste of you," Reina shared as her fingers drove Payton over the edge.

"Reina," Payton hissed, an orgasm tearing through her body, building with intensity. "Oh God." She cried and pulled Reina into her arms.

Holding tightly to her lover as her body 12 страница trembled and shook, Pay-ton began to weep quietly on Reina's shoulder. Reina comforted her. "I can't believe what you do to me," Payton sighed.

"I plan on doing this to you several more times tonight," Reina promised, wiping the tears from Payton's face.

"I think I have some plans of my own." Payton's fingers unbuttoned Reina's blouse. Her lips covered the tops of Reina's breasts as her hands cradled them. Reina moaned with pleasure when Payton removed her brassiere and buried her face in Reina's breasts. She breathed in the scent of 12 страница Reina before finding her nipple with her lips and sucking gently.

"Payton." Reina held Payton's head and leaned into her. She wanted Payton's mouth on her.

Within minutes, Reina was naked and on her back on the carpet, as Payton kneeled between her legs kissing her stomach and upper thighs. Reina's body had a mind of it's own, twisting and turning while Payton's tongue teased her pulsing tissue. Reina cried out as Payton's mouth created the magic that Reina craved. Her hips rose up off the floor and she opened herself fully 12 страница to Payton. Within moments, Reina was gasping, her body inundated with waves of heart-stopping orgasms. Payton's mouth continued her attentions and her fingers slid into Reina, causing another wave of pleasure to crash through her body. Reina reached down and pulled Payton up until she lay on top of her, bodies touching from head to toe.

"I need to feel your body next to mine," Reina whispered kissing Payton.

"Always. I plan to always be next to you."

"Payton, I hated not seeing you, touching you. I need you in my life. You fill the missing 12 страница piece."

"You are my heart and my life, you and Max and Molly. I was so lonely without you."

"Two more weeks is all we have to wait."

"Two weeks from hell," Payton admitted, gazing at Reina. "I missed looking at you, your eyes, your hair, your lips, and the feel of your skin."

"Honey, we have all weekend together. I promise I will love you enough to last two more weeks." Reina grinned as she ran her hands down Payton's hips and thighs.

"Are you hungry?" Payton asked enjoying Reina's attentions.

"Yes, I'm very hungry," Reina admitted 12 страница, rolling Payton onto her back. "For you."

It was over an hour before they once again lay in each other's arms, after loving each other completely for the second time.

"I think we need to find your bed," Reina teased.

"I think you're right. Let me go get us something to put on."

"No you don't. I like you naked."

"I can handle that." Payton laughed as she stood up. "Would you like to join me upstairs in bed with this heavy picnic basket?"

"I would." Reina chuckled as she gathered their clothes and 12 страница her overnight bag. They both struggled upstairs with their bundles, giggling the whole time.

"Let's see what wonderful things Ben and Mitch prepared." Payton placed the picnic basket on the end of her bed.

"I like your bedroom. It looks like you." Reina eyes traveled around the room. "I'd like to put your bed in our bedroom, and your chest of drawers."

"What about your bed and things?" Payton asked as she rooted around in the basket.

"We'll put them in the extra bedroom when it's done." Reina sat next to Payton on the bed. "It's 12 страница going to be our home, and I think we should mix our things together."

"Honey, we'll work it out. I don't care what our furniture is as long as we're together." Payton turned to Reina and kissed her. "Now, quit thinking about the furniture and help me pick out some treats from this wonderful basket."

"I think the food is going to have to wait." Reina shut the lid and turned Payton's face toward her. "I have much better things to do than eat."

"And what could you be talking about?" Payton grinned as 12 страница the two of them tumbled onto the bed.

"We should call Mitch and Ben and thank them for this wonderful stuff," Reina suggested, placing a plump grape between Payton's lips.

"Honey, it's after eleven. I suggest we call them in the morning." Payton enjoyed being fed by her beautiful girlfriend. Reina was leaned up against her, both still naked.

"Where has the time gone?" Reina teased, putting another grape between Payton's lips and following it up with a kiss.

"I can't imagine." Payton grabbed a plump strawberry and placed it on Reina's stomach 12 страница, where she bent down to nibble on it, causing giggles from Reina.

It was like they'd never been separated, they were so completely comfortable with one another. They spent several hours alternating between eating treats and making love, before falling asleep clasped in each other's arms.

Payton slowly woke up and glanced at the clock. It was a little after four in the morning and Reina lay sound asleep half on top of her, her hand securely tucked into Payton's. Payton watched Reina sleeping, admiring her innocent, relaxed expression. Her lips were slightly open and 12 страница the tip of her tongue could be seen at the corner of her mouth. Her thick blond eyelashes rested against her cheeks. Her hair was braided and hanging down the center of her back, some of it loose and curled against her neck. Payton sighed softly. The thought of spending the rest of her life watching Reina sleep made her feel warm all over. It was a feeling of such joy and peace that she knew they'd been meant to find each other. She was happy to lie there for the rest of the night holding Reina, listening to her breathing 12 страница, and feeling her body, but Reina stirred against Payton, stretching, her eyes fluttering open.

The smile Reina blessed Payton with caused her heart to pound. She smiled in return. "How long have you been awake?"

"Not long. I was enjoying watching you sleep."

"My favorite thing is to wake up and find you here beside me. I can't tell you how many times in the last two weeks I've awakened at night alone and missing you so badly I could've cried."

"I'm here now, thanks to your surprise visit."

"I'm not 12 страница going to waste a moment," Reina promised as she covered Payton's body with her own and their mouths met in a ravenous kiss. Within moments Reina's hips moved against Payton's, while Payton's legs wrapped around Reina's thighs.

Their breaths came in gasps their bodies rocking against each other's while Reina stared into Payton's eyes. Their movements quickened as the friction between their bodies created more than just heat. Payton's body stiffened and began to shiver as Reina's body arched against hers and they both succumbed to multiple orgasms. Reina's head fell on 12 страница Payton's shoulder when her arms could no longer support her. Payton's arms instinctively surrounded Reina's shoulders and they melted against one another.

"It's so magical every time," Reina whispered with a smile.

"It is magic," Payton agreed as she kissed Reina softly.

"Payton, I want to marry you as soon as possible. I want to make that commitment to you and have you commit to me."

"I want that too. Lets make plans as soon as I'm moved. Lindy is flying here Thursday night and we're leaving Friday morning. We 12 страница should arrive there sometime Saturday afternoon. The movers are coming on Wednesday and will be at your house on Friday. Will that work for you?"

"You'll be there Saturday?" Reina grinned.

"Yes, unless you want me to wait another week?" Payton teased.

"Are you crazy? You're going to be completely moved in by next Saturday?"

"As long as you approve."

"Oh, I approve all right. I think I just might have to take some more time off with my very sexy girlfriend."

"That would be very nice."

"How nice?" Reina teased.

"Why don't I show you?" Payton suggested 12 страница as she ran her hands down Reina's body.

"Have I told you how much I love you?"

"Not in the last few minutes, and I need to hear it often."

"I love you. I love you. I love you." Reina whispered covering Pay-ton's face with kisses.

It was late morning before the two of them ventured out of bed. They both took a shower and then called Mitch and Ben to thank them again. They followed that up with a telephone call to the children, who were being watched for the weekend by Mrs. Lenahan 12 страница. They spoke to them for twenty minutes, and then went for a long walk. They made plans as they strolled along, discussed the remodel, and enjoyed each other's company. It was Reina who suggested that they take a trip to a jewelry store. She was not going back to California without exchanging gold bands with Payton. Payton was more than happy to oblige her. It didn't take either of them very long to decide on the traditional plain gold bands. The rings meant a lifetime commitment and love.

Two hours later, they were back in bed celebrating 12 страница their love and commitment as they exchanged rings and promised to love each other forever. The rest of the evening they alternated between laughing, playing, and loving, until the early hours of the morning. They once again fell asleep wrapped in each other's arms.

They woke up at nine and, after making love once more, called Mitch and Ben to invite them to breakfast. The four of them went to a local restaurant and had a very pleasant time. Ben and Mitch could not help but tease them.

"So you two decided to come up for air 12 страница."

Payton and Reina just laughed as the two men joked with them, knowing full well, they understood.

"You'll come visit us?"

"Of course we will." The four of them got along famously and Reina made them promise to keep in touch.

"Thank you, Mitch." Reina hugged him.

"You are welcome, doll." He hugged her in return. "You make Pay-ton very happy, and Ben and I think the two of you are just perfect."

"We are," Payton responded.

The four of them headed for home and their respective condominiums. Reina and Payton spent a couple of hours packing and then 12 страница one last hour of very intense lovemaking before sitting together in the living room talking. As the time grew closer to leave for the airport they became pensive.

"I don't want to leave," Reina cried, tucking her head against Pay-ton's.

"Honey, I will be there in six days, I promise."

"I know you will, but it's six days without you."

"Reina." Payton picked up her left hand and turned it palm up. She kissed the thin gold band that rested on her left hand ring finger. "I will be there in six days, and every night 12 страница until I get there you will look at this ring and know that I love you."

They kissed softly and then sat quietly holding hands until it grew late. They made the trip to the airport in silence, still holding hands. They were fine until Reina had to board the plane and the tears started.

"I hate this," Reina cried against Payton's shoulder.

"I hate it, too. Call me after you get home and get to bed."

"I will, I promise. And Payton, I love you."

"I love you." Payton hugged her tightly. "Only six more days 12 страница."

"Be careful, please. When you and Lindy drive down I want you to be very careful."

"Honey, I have a cell phone and you have my number. You can call me any time."

"I will. Love you."

"Love you, too."

"I'll call you as soon as I get to bed."

"Go honey, you'll miss your plane." Payton held her smile until Reina disappeared from view. Six days, she just had to get through six days.

Payton could have used six more days as she sorted and packed all the rest of her things. Thank goodness she hadn't 12 страница replaced everything she had left when her relationship had ended. In the two years since then, Payton had collected very little; otherwise she would have needed a much larger moving truck. By Tuesday evening everything was packed and ready for the movers. She was going to sleep on the floor Wednesday and Thursday night. Poor Lindy, she'd have to sleep on the floor with her Thursday. They planned to leave early Friday morning and get a jump on the traffic. Payton packed her car trunk as full as possible on Wednesday so all she had left 12 страница to do was clean the condominium. By Wednesday evening she'd finished the bathrooms and the kitchen, so she decided to crawl into her makeshift bed and give Reina a call. They had spoken earlier in the day and Reina had made Payton promise to call her that evening, no matter how late it was.


"Hi sweetie."

"Hi sweetie, yourself. How's the packing going?"

"Good. Actually the packing is all done and I'm almost done cleaning. Tomorrow morning I go in to sign the papers for the condominium and, barring any hang-ups, they'll mail 12 страница the check in two weeks. A rather large check I might add."

"Good for you. I'm not worried about money, we'll be just fine."

"I want to contribute."

"You will certainly be able to, especially when you see the estimate for the remodel."

"Do you need to commit to the contractor this week?"

"No, I thought you and I could go over the plans together and then decide."

"Four more days."

"I can't wait. How are you doing with all of this? Aren't you exhausted?"

"Tonight I am, and I'm currently sleeping on the 12 страница floor since my bed is on its way to California."

"Honey, I am so sorry. I'll make it up to you."

"I'm fine, it's only for two nights."

"I'll make it up to you."

"I will remind you of that promise."

"Honey, you won't have to remind me." Reina chuckled.

"You get some sleep, doll, because after Saturday night you won't be sleeping that much at night." Payton laughed.

"I look forward to every night with you, awake and asleep."

"I love you, Reina."

"I love you, Payton. Go to sleep honey, and call me 12 страница tomorrow when you get a chance."

"I will. Goodnight."


Payton was not at all comfortable sleeping on the floor, and she tossed and turned for several hours before falling into a restless sleep. The thought of being with Reina in two days calmed her as she drifted in and out.

By early afternoon, Payton had finished all the cleaning and took one last walk through the condominium. It was strange to see it completely empty. She took a quick shower and headed down to Mitch and Ben's for one last dinner. Lindy's plane wasn't 12 страница due until nine-thirty, so she had plenty of time to say goodbye to two of her very best friends.

"Come on in, honey. Ben, Payton's here."

"Hey, doll. You all packed?"

"Except for what Lindy and I need tonight."

"Well, let's enjoy our dinner and relax. Do you want one of us to go to the airport with you?"

"No thanks, Mitch, you don't have to go. Lindy and I are just going to come back and get a good night's sleep. We plan on getting an early start tomorrow."

"Come on 12 страница you two, dinner is served," Ben announced.

The dinner was delicious and heartwarming, and the three of them reminisced and relived the fun times they had together. They had many happy memories they could smile and laugh about. Time went very quickly, and all too soon Payton stood up preparing to leave.

"I'm going to miss you both so much." Payton grew tearful as she smiled.

"We're going to miss you, doll. You and Reina are good together." Ben hugged her tightly.

"We'll come visit, I promise, honey." Mitch hugged her tightly, wrapping his arms around her 12 страница while Payton struggled not to cry.

"I love you guys."

"We love you."

Payton found it hard to leave as she hugged them both once more. It was difficult to believe she was really moving. Driving to the airport Payton struggled with tears. She made it in plenty of time to pick up Lindy and waited at the gate as the passengers disembarked. Lindy was one of the first people to get off the airplane.

"Hey, buddy." Lindy grinned. "Ready for our road trip?"

Payton hugged her best friend hello. "I am. Everything is done. I just have to leave the 12 страница key on the kitchen counter and close the door. If nothing happens to the sale I should get a check for one hundred and thirty thousand dollars."


"The rewards of a guilty ex-girlfriend."

"And a shared house and lots of heartache."

"That's all old history."

"Come on girlfriend, let's get out of here."

"Is that all you brought with you?" Payton noticed Lindy's small carry-on bag.

"Yep, I travel light." Lindy clasped Payton's arm with her own. "I had an idea on the airplane. What would you say to our leaving 12 страница tonight? We could probably get to Long Beach by tomorrow evening. What do you think?"

"I think it's a great idea. It's too bad I didn't bring everything with me.

"Hey, we'll just go finish packing everything and get going."

Forty minutes later they did just that, as Payton and Lindy gathered the last few things to put in the car. "We had better stop for some coffee."

"You did remember the tunes?"

"Of course." Payton and Lindy would not think of going on a road trip without a large collection of music. "There's 12 страница a whole box of cd's behind your seat."

"Cool." Lindy grinned happily.

"I need to call Reina before we take off."

"I should call Tamara, too."

"We'll have to use the cell phone. The other telephone has been disconnected."

"No problem. Is that cell phone going to work in California?"

"Yep, I just need to get the number changed next week."

"Why don't I take the first few hours of driving?"

"No, you don't, I'll drive first. You just got here."

"Okay, go ahead and call Reina while I choose the music 12 страница."

Payton dialed Reina's number. It was picked up on the second ring.



"Hi, honey. Is Lindy there?"

"Yep, and guess what?"


"We're heading out tonight."

"You two are going to drive all night?"

"Yes, and we should be there late tomorrow night if all goes well."

"Honey, you and Lindy be very careful. I want you two to get here in one piece."

"We will. You forget we've done this before."

"I'm going to call you every two hours and make sure you're okay."

"I love you, Reina."

"I love you 12 страница, Payton. I'll prove it to you when you get here." Reina chuckled.

"Is that a promise?"

"Yes, honey. That's a promise." Reina laughed.

"Good. Love you."

"Love you."

"Lindy, your turn." Payton handed the cell phone to her. While Lindy spoke to Tamara, Payton locked the car trunk and straightened out the things in the back seat. She wanted to give Lindy as much privacy as possible.

"Okay, partner, let's hit the road."

"You got it. How was Tamara?"

"She's fine. She's going to call us during the night."

"So is Reina."

"Great, between the two 12 страница of them we'll be on the telephone all night." Lindy laughed and Payton joined her.

"You ready?" Payton asked.


The two best friends climbed into Payton's car and, with one last look at her condominium, Payton pulled away. They stopped at an

all night market on the way to the freeway and filled their thermos up with coffee. Lindy also collected a bag of goodies for them to munch on, and they were set to go.

Again, the two of them were back in the car and heading onto the freeway. For the first hour of the trip 12 страница Lindy and Payton talked and laughed as they shared their thoughts and feelings. Their friendship had always been one of humor, honesty, and genuine affection.

"Payton, it's time for a little music," Lindy announced, rummaging through the case of CD's. "How about some disco?"

While Payton continued driving south on Interstate Five, she and Lindy sang to Donna Summer, the Supremes, and many other groups. Two hours later, right on time, Reina called. Payton and Lindy serenaded her with a very bad rendition of "Stop In The Name Of Love", making her laugh hysterically. She made them 12 страница promise to drive carefully, told Payton she loved her despite her lack of singing abilities, and promised to call in two hours.

Eight hours and five telephone calls later, three from Reina and two from Tamara, they stopped for a bite to eat and to take a break from driving.

"How are you doing, Payton?"

"Good, how about you?"

"I'm feeling okay. I need some coffee and some food."

"I'll drive for the next couple of hours."

"I can't believe Reina and Tamara called us all night long. You'd think we were children," Lindy 12 страница grumbled.

"They're just worried about us. And you love it that Tamara called." Payton poked Lindy.

"I do." She laughed good-naturedly.

They teased each other while they ate their breakfast at a very busy truck stop. Then they filled the car with gas, and were off again. It was a long and tedious day of driving for huge stretches, then stopping to fill the car with gas, and getting up to stretch and move around. Reina and Tamara continued to take turns calling them as

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